Thursday, May 18, 2006

Transformation Ministries (formerly ABCPSW) Leadership Reports on What Is "Next"

Report from the leadership of Transformation Ministries (formerly known as ABCPSW)

May 15, 2006

Dear Pastor or Church Leader,

This letter contains important information for your church and our mission together in the American Baptist Churches of the Pacific Southwest. Please take the time to read this important communication.

1. On May 11, 2006, the Board of Directors of the American Baptist Churches of the Pacific Southwest (ABCPSW) voted to withdraw from the Covenant of Relationships of the American Baptist Churches USA (ABCUSA). The Board's vote was unanimous. In order to complete the necessary legal and governance actions required, November 1, 2006, will be the effective date of withdrawal.

* The membership of local churches in the ABCUSA is not effected by this decision. Only a vote by your congregation can change your membership in ABCUSA. In order for the PSW to complete necessary legal and governance actions we ask that your church take no action on your membership in ABCUSA until November 1 or later.

2. On May 12, 2006 the American Baptist Churches of the Pacific Southwest became:

Transformation Ministries
a movement of Baptist churches committed to change their worlds for Christ.

The name Transformation Ministries focuses on what we are, rather than where we operate. Our churches are committed to bring hope to individuals, families, communities and the world. That hope is found through faith in Jesus Christ. Through the love and power of God, people of all ages, cultures and races can find God’s purpose and meaning for their lives.

* Your church is now a member of Transformation Ministries. Technically, we are the American Baptist Churches of the Pacific Southwest, doing business as Transformation Ministries.
* Transformation Ministries will continue to provide the excellent resources to strengthen churches to change their worlds for Christ that the ABCPSW has provided in the past.
* Exciting new ventures in mission together are beginning! We will be communicating with you about these in the next few days.

3. With this communication you will find a bulletin insert announcing Transformation Ministries.

* Please include the Transformation Ministries insert in your weekly bulletin and/or newsletter to inform your congregation.

4. The vote by delegates from the churches of the ABCPSW on April 29, 2006 gave a clear mandate to the ABCPSW’s Board of Directors.

* 1,125 (84%) delegates voted in favor of withdrawal, while 209 delegates (16%) voted against it.

* Of the 250 churches eligible to vote, 152 (61%) participated. 12 non-voting churches informed us that they also favored withdrawal from the ABCUSA Covenant, but were unable to vote for various reasons. Another 56 of the non-voting congregations have not been active in the PSW for many years.

* This means that of 194 churches that were both eligible to vote and involved in the PSW, 78% participated. That makes the 84% majority favoring withdrawal a clear mandate.

5. Please remember Transformation Ministries in your mission giving. The big decision is behind us now. Let’s work together to rebirth this movement of Baptist churches committed to change their worlds for Christ. As in the past, we are as strong as your support.

6. Don’t miss:
Extreme Makeover: Church Edition.
Transformation Ministries Annual Conference
October 19-21, First Baptist Church, Alhambra
Keynote Speaker: Ken Hutcherson
Senior Pastor Antioch Bible Church in the greater Seattle area
Former linebacker for Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks

May God bless your ministry and our ministry together in the days and years ahead. Let’s get on with the business of changing our worlds for Christ!


Dale V. Salico, Executive Minister
Brian Scrivens, President

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SmallSoul said...

Salico and Scrivens note in their letter: "Only a vote by your congregation can change your membership in ABCUSA. OF course, as you and I have discussed in the past, this is inaccurate. No church is a member of ABC/USA. Memebership in ABC/USA is exclusive to certain officers of AB entities and organizations, Regional Representatives to the General Board, etc. It would be a good move for Transformation Ministries to point this out to its constituent congregations. It would probably open the eyes of many who believe they are members, corporately and individually, and will serve to emphasize, especially for those considering maintaining ties to the national body, how little influence individual persons and individual congregations have in their denomination.