Wednesday, May 03, 2006

ABCUSA Jumps to Provide Mechanism for Continuing Funding Post May 11

In the "Don't Let Any Grass Grow Under Your Feet" Category . . .

PSW pastors received a letter this week, dated May 1, from Cheryl Wade, Associate General Secretary and Treasurer, ABCUSA, indicating ways PSW congregations may continue to support the ABCUSA , including channeling funds through the ABCLA where Dr. Samuel Chetti is Executive Minister. The letter was written so that congregations would have instructions "should the Board of Directors of the Region vote on May 11 to withdraw from the Covenant of Relationships with American Baptist Churches USA."

The letter not only answers the question, "Can local churches continue to give to the wider ABC mission?" but does so with "The resounding answer is yes!" Rev. Wade even indicates that since the ABCLA is a UM region, the 65% will be forwarded to the NEW American Baptist association currently forming.

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