Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Reactions to PSW Vote: "Fascinating Time to Be An American Baptist!"

In the "what does the rest of the denomination think of the PSW vote" category, the following unedited (except for my highlighting) comments came from the web site of The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts (http://www.tabcom.org/). They were written by TABCOM Executive Minister, Tony Pappas, and posted 4/20/06.

I have just returned from the General Executive Council of ABCUSA. This group is composed of the Executive Ministers of all the regions and the top people from the various boards at Valley Forge. The last two meetings of this group (or the REMC) have been spiritually painful. This one-praise the Lord-went fine. Thank you for your prayers on this. This is a fascinating time to be an American Baptist! Pacific Southwest is continuing their process of disconnecting. A proposal has come forth to effect a restructuring of the administration of ABCUSA that would make it simpler and more consultative. Having watched the General Board in action for two sessions, there may be some merit on this concept!

Perhaps being free of the PSW will yield positive results for the larger body. Besides the odd juxtaposition of the announcement of PSW's action, it is most interesting that an executive minister of one of the most progressive regions shows an interest in the merit of radical restructuring. Continuing to watch this progress will be, as Dr. Pappas says, "fascinating."

[His Barking Dog remains "fascinated" with watching the ABC as an observer only, without even trying to speak for the officialdom of PSW]

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