Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Pulpit that Changed the World

The place that changed the world. Certainly Wittenburg was the location where Luther laid down the gauntlet with his 95 Theses. One may say that Germany was the delivery room for the Reformation. However, Geneva may justifiably lay claim to being its nursery. With several of the principals operating out of the Swiss town on the French border, Geneva was the place where modern history changed. Calvin's long ministry in Geneva not only gave shape to the incipient movement, but established the direction of Protestantism for future generations. One may say that Calvin's pulpit became the most determinative preaching post in generations.


jesuit spy said...

ya mean Jean didn't use a plexiglass pulpit?

How uncool!

; )

revdrron said...

Greetings! I must confess that after viewing your last several posts, I’m feeling a godly jealousy overcoming me.

As a reformed Baptist, I’m enthralled with Barth and captivated by Calvin!

“..his blood is bibline”, ron

Dennis E. McFadden said...


I never expected to be able to come to Geneva. The combination of being invited to Munich to speak six times and having a daughter as a missionary on the border of Switzerland (15 minutes from Basel) offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you ever get the chance, SEE Geneva. It is a treasure trove for any Reformation junkie!