Thursday, March 09, 2006

"Musee International De La Reforme" Not to be Missed in Geneva

"His Barking Dog" Mugging for Camera While Posing Like Calvin

The International Museum of the Reformation (Musee International De La Reforme), the newest museum in Geneva, should be on every Protestant's visit to the city. Combining the best in traditional artifact based collecting with the latest trends in multi-media displays and interactivity, you can hardly devote a more profitable time in Geneva than paying a visit to the museum.

One of the most impressive exhibits involves a table set with plates representing all of the key players in Calvinist era (including Rousseau!). As lights illuminate each plate, you can hear the various leaders discuss their differing views of Calvin's doctrine of predestination.

The displays chronicle the history of the Reformation from 1536 to the latest trends in Protestant ecumenism.

Suggestion: pay the extra three francs (CHF 3) to get the audio guide in English. While much of the museum can be appreciated without it, the videos and interactive displays all require English translation from French. And, with the audio guide, you will be able to sample nearly one hundred different explanations of the collections.

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