Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Breaking News: Historic Mega Chruch Pomona First Baptist Votes UNANIMOUSLY to Support Withdrawal from ABC - "What else could we do?"

Pomona First Baptist, PSW mega church with a 135 year history of strong mission support for the ABC, voted unanimously tonight to support the recommended PSW withdrawal from the ABCUSA. In a special business meeting called to deal with the upcoming April 29 vote of PSW representatives, members of the flagship church received a presentation from Dr. Glenn K. Gunderson, considered the issue, spoke openly of their frustrations with denominational direction, and cast their unanimous vote on the side of separation.

“The evening was amazing,” reported Dale Torry, former missions’ pastor of the congregation and a current member. “Our congregation spoke about wanting to set an example for the rest of the region and denomination,” Torry said. “Several people mentioned that this was our time to take a leadership role for others who might be in more conflicted situations.”

During much of its history, First Baptist has been a leading congregation in both the PSW region and the ABCUSA as a whole. With a record of strong mission support, the church where approximately 3,000 people worship on an average weekend, has frequently led the denomination in several categories of mission giving through the years. Gunderson, a leading American Baptist pastor who served in upstate New York and Southern California, was part of the Seek It! committee that crafted the current ABCUSA vision statement.

Should the region follow through with an actual separation from the ABCUSA, church members were told that a vote for the congregation to withdraw would likely take place later in the year.

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Obedience to the gospel in the church of Jesus Christ confirms the rightful place of the church as watchman!

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