Monday, January 16, 2006

Official Speak and Scuttlebutt from the ABC of the Central Region; Fog Descends Obscuring Truth

The resignation of Dr. Art Jaggard has occasioned some more debate. Below can be found the official statement from the region and a reaction by one of the pastors in Kansas. The first quotes come from the Beaconchurches web site; the final one from the ABE Message Board.

This is the ABC/CR's response to the question: "Would the region like to comment on Dr. Jaggard's recent resignation? Was the resignation forced?"

Signed: Beaconchurches

Dr. Jaggard is a gifted and talented minister who has chosen to go forward in his ministry by seeking a pastoral position in a local congregation. The Region and Region staff will do everything it can to support Art in this new direction for his life and ministry. This support includes a limited period of financial support for Art and his family as he seeks to make this transition. Our prayers will go with him as he moves ahead in ministry.
Steven C. Van Ostran, D.Min.

American Baptist Churches of the Central Region
5833 SW 29th
Topeka, KS 66614
(785) 272-7622

In response to Dr. Ostran’s statement, the following was posted on the ABE Message Board . . .

Just got back from a meeting with more than 20 pastors from SEA ABCCR. No one there would take Steve Van Ostran’s letter seriously. In fact most felt that Art and all of the SEA pastors were under the threat of Art losing his separation package if too much was said. So in that line I will say more after May 31.

Dr. Glenn Layne (Durable Data) has already blogged that Art's resignation from ABCCR was an example of a "staunch evangelical who seems to have crossed the wrong people in ABC of the Central Region." Layne called Jaggard's departure the result of a "liberal purge" in the judicatory. While it is unlikely that much more information will surface in the near term, His Barking Dog will report on any additional details as they emerge.

Interestingly, it was arch liberal Dr. Herzog II who predicted that forced departures (his actual term was the more Draconian "pogrom") would result if the evangelicals "won" in the ABCUSA. Evidently, fears of unjust unemployment might more legitimately be attributed to those holding evangelical views. So far the left seems to be having its way with their more orthodox brethren. But this is merely the penultimate word, not the ultimate one.

[Not speaking for anyone official in the ABCPSW]

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