Monday, January 23, 2006

His Barking Dog on Hiatus During Israel Sojourn

His Barking Dog will be taking a hiatus in order for your humble blogger (along with Pastors Glenn “Durable Data” Layne and Lee Hamby) to tour Israel until Feb 3. This probably means an absence of postings until our return unless we solve all of the mysteries of the Da Vinci Code or discover Q underneath the Dan Panorama Hotel. If Glenn Layne figures a way to walk on water on the Sea of Galilee (rather than just float like a cork on the Dead Sea), I will be posting a picture.

Please pray that the Palestinian election, slated for January 25, goes off without a hitch and that Israel does not decide to go to war with Iran next week. Of course, if either of these disasters happens and we make it back to the U.S. anyway, expect to hear all about it in this blog. Upon returning, I will also offer some current observations on the political situation in Israel and relations between Palestinians and the Israeli government.

My silence and that of Dr. Glenn Layne will be our gift to our friends on the left in the ABCUSA.

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