Friday, January 27, 2006

First Dispatch from the Galilee

The news in Israel is all about Hamas and the landslide victory in the polls. Israeli citizens are just as confused and perplexed by it as all of the Americans on Fox and CNN.

Some are actually predicting that there mighet be an upside to all of this. In the "only Nixon could go to China" sense, perhaps only a Hamas could dare to make peace with Israel. However, first reactions by the population here are all negative, albeit not as alarmist as in the States. After more than 55 years of uncertainty, Israel takes the develops around it a bit more philosophically, even a bit fatalistically.

Meanwhile, it is Shabbat here. We all enjoyed a special Shabbat meal last evening. Pastors Glenn "Durable Data" (my roomate) and Lee Hamby are both doing well.

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