Sunday, November 27, 2005

Southern Baptists Vote Solidarity for PSW Baptists

Today Dr. Glenn Layne published a report in Durable Data regarding a motion of support passed at the recent California Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting held in San Jose. Readers can find addtional information on the CSBC web site:

This morning a member of my church (FBC Temple City, CA) handed me a resolution that was passed at the recent (Nov. 15-16, 2005) state convention meeting of Southern Baptists in California held at San Jose. "Resolution Number One" was presented by Gary Coombs of Shadow Mountain Community Church of El Cajon. Here's the text:


Whereas,The Pacific Southwest region of the American Baptist Churches USA is in the process of withdrawing from the American Baptist Convention USA (ABCUSA) over the issue of biblical authority and moral integrity, in particular their continued tolerance for homosexual behavior and

Whereas, The Pacific Southwest region's board of directors, representing 300 churches, voted September 8th to begin the withdrawal from the national convention, and

Be It Resolved,The California Southern Baptist Convention commends and stands with the American Baptist churches of the Pacific Southwest region, for demonstration of unswerving commitmemnet to the Word of God and moral integrity. We stand with you as fellow members of the body of Christ;

Futhermore, We prayerfully encourage the American Baptist convention to reconsider its doctrinal positions on biblical authority and homosexuality.

The sheet I recieved noted that it passed, and I assume by a wide margin.


Tilleyjam said...


I'm trying to learn more about the southern baptist movement. Could you suggest where I could learn more.
I have been encouraged to write a blog discussing my own reactions to and exploration of religious issues.
Perhaps before you advise me of where i can learn more you should take a look at my site and make sure you are comfortable with me discovering more and responding to any information you point me towards.
Best regards,

Tom Tilley

Dennis E. McFadden said...


As a non-Southern Baptist, I am clueless as to what to advise. Try a Google search of SBC and see what you get.