Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lessons in Dying from the Master

Frequently I have carped about coverage in the Los Angeles Times. However, in this instance, the accolades could not be more fervent or sincere. The Times offered a valuable lesson on dying and Christian hope in a June 5, 2007 piece, "'Rejoice always': a lesson in dying." Recounting the inspirational account of Dr. David Scholer's living with terminable cancer, reporter Connie Kang captures all of the right emphases as she recounts Scholer's trust in the Lord in the midst of his five year bout with matastatic cancer of the colon and lungs.

I know David as an internationally renowned New Testament scholar and as a friend. For nearly a year and a half, it was my privilege to serve as preaching interim in the church in Pasadena where he and his devoted wife, Jeannette, are members. If you want to see how the mainstream media can sometimes get a story right, click on the following link:


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Patty said...

Thanks, Dennis, for letting your reading audience know about this wonderful article about David Scholer. There are sermons in his story! May God walk so closely with him and Jeannette through it all!