Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

Happy Thanksgiving to all readers of His Barking Dog! Our provident Lord has given us another year of opportunities and blessings. We owe him our all.

I'm off Friday to the second of three wedding receptions for my daughter who recently wed in Illinois. That, several preaching and teaching assignments, and an unusually heavy load at work have kept me from blogging much.

I have noticed, however, that my "urge to purge" has diminished considerably since the separation from the ABCUSA on November 1. Unlike some of the SBC ex-pats who still devote more internet time to blogging about their former denomination than they do discussing the ABC (and even after some of them have logged more than a decade and a number of high level elective and appointive positions in the ABC!), my current energy for engagement has dropped to a pretty low level. Hey, my last blog even contained a compliment for Dr. Medley!

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