Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hamblin Named "Activing ABCUSA Treasurer" to Replace Wade - Three Cheers Dr. Medley!

VALLEY FORGE, PA (ABNS 11/15/06)-The Rev. Dr. Lloyd D. Hamblin, budget review officer for American Baptist Churches USA, has been named to serve as acting ABCUSA treasurer and associate general secretary for finance. Hamblin's selection was announced today by General Secretary the Rev. Dr. A. Roy Medley following affirmation by the ABCUSA General Board Executive Committee at its meeting in Orlando, Fla.

Hamblin, who will begin in his new responsibilities Jan. 1, 2007, will relinquish his position as budget review officer. He will assume the financial leadership responsibilities currently held by the Rev. Dr. Cheryl H. Wade, who will be resigning Dec. 31 as treasurer and associate general secretary to become director of philanthropy for the Kendal Corporation.

When Cheryl Wade announced her resignation, I suggested that this was a signal opportunity for Dr. Medley to appoint a solid conservative to the post. Lloyd Hamblin, one time Executive Minister in West Virginia, certainly fits that descriptor. Lloyd is known for his integrity, financial acumen, and outspoken evangelicalism. A few more selections like this one and Medley may have a chance to keep the other conservative regions in the fold after the departure of Transformation Ministries (aka ABCPSW).

This was an EXCELLENT choice, Dr. Medley. "Ya done good."

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