Thursday, October 19, 2006

Transformation Ministries Starts Off on a High Note

Transformation Ministries' Annual Meeting began on a high note today with Dr. Ken Hutcherson speaking at the evening gathering. Check out "Durable Data's" eye witness account: Note Glenn's first hand report of an unintended high point in the evening.

When Executive Minister Dr. Dale Salico arose to welcome delegates and to introduce Ken Hutcherson (whom he has known since 1986), he said, "Welcome to the first conference of Transformation Ministries!" Normally that would be a throw away line, but instead conferees rose to their feet and delivered a three-minute standing ovation. Dale was obviously moved, but as befits his normal exercise of class, he did not milk the moment and proceeded with his introductions.

I was in the balcony at the time and can vouch for Dr. Layne's version of the events. Please pray for spiritual blessing and organizational clarity during the coming two days. These are formative times for TM.

[His Barking Dog wagged his tail contentedly in the balcony during the evening meeting. My reports, however, still represent only my own thoughts and opinions.]

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