Thursday, October 05, 2006

Medley Announces New Executive Director Pick for International Ministries

Yesterday Dr. Medley announced that the new choice for Executive Director of International Ministries will be BIM insider Dr. Reid Trulson. The BIM Advisory Search Committee for the new Executive Director of International Ministries unanimously recommended Trulson as the nominee to be presented to the November meetings of the General Board and Board of International Ministries. A formal press release will follow very soon.

His Barking Dog considers Trulson to be the best of the candidates purportedly in the final group of names being considered for the post and wishes him God's best for the daunting challenges awaiting him. Trulson, a long-time IM leader has a reputation for being a favorite of BIM missionaries in the field.

Multiple sources have confirmed that BIM insiders had previously commuicated to Dr. Medley that his influence in the decision "this time" would be limited. This follows widespread disassatisfaction with the role he played in the selection of the previous BIM executive.

[His Barking Dog had his ear to the rail this morning and heard the rumble of a future press release. As always, my yipping and yapping happened when the back yard gate was left unlocked and I wandered out of the yard without the control or responsibility of any of my masters in the southwest.]


kneeler said...


Reid Trulson has some connects to California. He earned a DMin degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in 1975--that was the time when one could and ususally did attend seminary full-time to work on the DMin degree. I believe that while he was working on his DMin at Fuller, he attended Friendship Baptist Church of Pasadena, one of the ABC churches closest to Fuller.

Dennis E. McFadden said...


Thanks for the tip!

Reid was ordained at the Friendship Baptist Church, the oldest African American Baptist Church in Pasadena, California, where he served as Minister of Christian Education. Moving to Wisconsin he served the First Baptist Church of Antigo and the Underwood Memorial Baptist Church of Wauwatosa. During his twenty-three year pastoral ministry, Reid was President of the Wisconsin Baptist State Convention (now ABC of Wisconsin) and a member of the ABC General Board. For eight years he was a member of the Board of International Ministries, serving two terms as its president. Reid became Area Director after he and his wife Janelle had served five years as American Baptist missionaries to Europe.

Reid graduated from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis with a B.S. degree in History and from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California with M.Div and D.Min degrees. From 1971-72 he worked with the Scripture Union in Scotland and Ghana, West Africa. He began his work with International Ministries in 1995. Reid and Janelle have two daughters.