Monday, February 18, 2008

Welcome Rylan Everett McFadden!

Last Tuesday my eldest son and his wife welcomed their third son, Rylan Everett McFadden, weighing in a 8lbs 3 oz. Rylan's daddy is associate pastor of a church in Minooka, IL. Rylan Everett is the son of Rev. Arol Everett McFadden, the son of Dennis Everett McFadden, the son of Everett McFadden. He is healthy, we are ecstatic! Rylan is our fourth grandson.

Jeanette and I traveled to the midwest late last week to attend the memorial service for our older daughter's mother-in-law (she was only 58) in Fort Wayne. Following the service, which was an amazing testimony to God's grace, we went to Chicagoland to spend a few days after the service with our oldest son and family (including Rylan) in the Chicago area.

Like any good son of Illinois, our grandson was born on Lincoln's birthday.


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