Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Evolution of Intolerance Toward Creation by a Creator

This ought to be interesting . . .

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 22 /PRNewswire/ -- It's a movie that Ferris Bueller would take the day off to go see. What freedom-loving student wouldn't beoutraged to discover that his high school science teacher is teaching atheory as indisputable fact, and that university professors unmercifully crush any fellow scientists who dare question the prevailing system of belief? This isn't the latest Hollywood comedy; it's a disturbing new documentary that will shock anyone who thinks all scientists are free tofollow the evidence wherever it may lead.
Produced by Premise Media, Expelled, in theaters February 2008, is being marketed by Motive Entertainment, the company that has spearheaded significant Hollywood blockbusters, including The Passion of the Christ, Polar Express and The Chronicles of Narnia. Rocky Mountain Pictures, an established distribution company, which has enjoyed numerous box-office successes, will distribute the film.
Ben Stein, the lovable, monotone teacher from Ferris Bueller's Day Off and The Wonder Years is on a journey to answer one of the biggest questions ever asked: Were we designed or are we simply the end result of an ancient mud puddle struck by lightning? Stein, who is also a lawyer, an economist,a former presidential speechwriter, author and social commentator, is stunned by what he finds on his journey. He discovers an elitist scientific establishment that has traded in its skepticism for dogma. But even worse, along the way, Stein uncovers a long line of biologists, astronomers, chemists and philosophers who have had their reputations destroyed and their careers ruined by a scientific establishment that allows absolutely no dissent from Charles Darwin's theory of random mutation and natural selection.
* It should not take a Hollywood film to confirm what many of us know: the bigotry, bias, and intolerance so often attributed to evangelicals more aptly captures the spirit of those in establishment positions in education in America. Regardless of whether you hold to a young-earth, old-earth, or Intelligent Design form of creationism, you will find yourself the object of intense scorn by the intellectual establishment and major media in our country.
* Genesis, particularly in the first eleven chapters, establishes the basis for most of the doctrines developed in the pages of the Bible. Creation, sin, redemption, and the promise of consummation all come within its purview. You go, Ben Stein!


Amill-Presup said...

THAT'S GREAT!! I love that guy. He's hilarious and he's always pushing the envelope. Anyone who makes no apology for being a rich conservative observant Jew in Hollywood has got to be okay in my book!

Repack Rider said...

This is a joke, right?

Is there still someone who does not accept the thousands of observations, both in the lab and in the field, of evolution taking place?

Why is it that the ID folks have yet to come up with a theory that can be tested the way the theory of evolution is tested thousands of times a day all over the world by tens of thousands of biologists?

The theory of evolution is used in biology because it has been shown to be the best means of predicting events. When the ID folks find a BETTER and MORE ACCURATE theory for predicting events, it will take over.

Don't hold your breath.

Amill-Presup said...


I've got some more Koolaid for ya, "Repack." It's cherry. Mmmmmmmm...

Yeah, macro-evolution is proved time and time again in the lab.. Suuuuuure. HA!!!! What nonsense!

The dying theory of evolution is secular humanism's last pathetic grasp at writing God out of mankind's existence. It's a fairy tale for grownups.

Go back to sleep.

Dennis E. McFadden said...


If a frog is instantly transformed into a prince, it is a fairy tale. Give it 300 million years or so and some call it "science."