Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A Word Picture for Our ABC Life

Yesterday, one of my readers observed what he decided was an air of giddiness in my relating of horrible news. Then, he observed that I just cannot bear the thought of the ABC surviving without me. In response, I proffered the following word picture which captures better than extended argument my current attitude.

"I fear that we are falling from a burning plane, tangled up in the parachute cords with our liberal friends and fellow passengers. Unless we push away from each other soon, neither of us will survive the fall."

My contention is that BOTH the left and the right will do MUCH better in separate organizations, freed from the enervating effects of all of this wrangling over secondary issues. The past decades have been a distraction from mission rather than a pursuit of it. Some have written "Valley Forge delenda est." I have NOT joined that chorus. My concern is to see an amicable separation where, as Dr. Medley says, we purpose to "do each other no harm."

[His Barking Dog opines as a lone voice, without giddiness or delight in the failures of the denomination and without any connection to any group, persons, or authorities in the southwest]

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Amill-Presup said...

How very Baptist of you.

Wait, no...