Thursday, April 06, 2006

PSW Congregations Beginning to Direct Delegates Regarding April 29 Withdrawal Meeting

Here are the advisory votes being taken by PSW congregations that have come to me so far. If anyone knows of any other counts, please pass them along. Names are arranged alphabetically, by city.

Alhambra - 99% to support PSW withdrawal (approx. 350 avg. weekly attendance)
North Park - 78% to support PSW withdrawal (approx. 100 avg. weekly attendance)
Pasadena - 2 to 1 to remain with the ABCUSA (approx. 200 avg. weekly attendance?)
Pomona - 100% to support PSW withdrawal (approx. 3,000 avg. weekly attendance)
San Diego - 63% to support PSW withdrawal (approx. 200 avg. weekly attendance)
Sun City West - 96.6% to support PSW withdrawal
Temple City - 85% to support PSW withdrawal (approximately 300 avg. weekly attendance
Torrance - 94% to support PSW withdrawal (approximately 400 avg. weekly attendance)

Congregations indicating recommendation (vote tallies not available to His Barking Dog). Please note that the following names come from a source in the San Diego area and have not been verified by me. Also, note that they are all San Diego congregations (probably the strongest geographic area of the PSW supportive of continued ABCUSA membership):

Recommending support for PSW withdrawal:
East Village Community Church
La Jolla 1st Baptist
Trinity Baptist

Those recommending remaining in the ABCUSA:
National City 1st Baptist (aka One in Christ)
Bostonia 1st Baptist

University Ave.

Different congregations are utilizing varying approaches to sending delegates to the regional meeting. Some are using a "winner take all" approach with all delegates instructed to cast their ballots on April 29 in one direction (e.g., Pasadena). Others are sending delegates pledged to vote proportionate to the congregational outcome (e.g., San Diego, Temple City).

Of the names of congregations forwarded to me, only one of the churches reported to be in favor of continued ABCUSA membership average more than 100 attenders on a Sunday (i.e., Pasadena). Conversely, all of the larger churches and many middle sized and smaller congregations known so far are in favor of the PSW recommendation to withdraw. How this will translate into votes on April 29 remains to be seen.

One of the more interesting aspects of the advisory vote on the 29th will be the turn-out and the reasons for it. Obviously strong partisans on both sides are highly vested in "making their vote count." However, a significant number--who knows how many?--of churches are relatively uninvolved in the issue, region, or ABC and care little about registering their opinion. One pastor reports that he "doesn't like Salico" but that he "doesn't like" the ABCUSA either. He suspects that he will probably "do nothing." Another told me that he does not want to raise the issue with his congregation at all, lest they challenge his leadership for staying in the ABC so long. Additionally some, representing both sides of the divide, may stay away on the belief that the issue is already a "done deal." Counting votes on April 29 will involve more than adding up "yes" and "no" ballots; it will also require "weighing" the returns in order to "discern the body."

[His Barking Dog still needs both hands and feet to count to ten. I am not to be confused with anyone official, semi-official, or pontifical with authority in the PSW]

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roy said...


It will be tricky to understand what the vote means and why it is as it is... Cambridge Drive has voted "no" that PSW should not withdraw. However, it was not a unanimous vote and our delegates will be split along the percentages of the vote. We had a significant percentage who said, "yes, PSW should leave," but at least some of them were essentially saying, "good riddance" and that ABC would be better off without the current leaders of the PSW.

For me, it will be a sad day...