Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Art Jaggard's New Book Reveals a "Class Act"

Thanks to the gift of a new friend, I have just received a copy of Art Jaggard's latest book, The Future of Religious Organizations. A brief perusal of the volume leaves me wanting to begin reading in earnest NOW! Considering his current employment situation, one section near the end speaks with a deep irony and an evocative poignancy worthy of quoting:

I find myself most often hovering between Bargaining and Resignation. Still, I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. A new day is emerging. It is clear to me that the overwhelming majority in the Central Region want a Bible based sense of mission driven family. Jesus wants it too. The old structures will be replaced, but our sense of family will be stronger.

That having been said, we need to take care that we do not act out of our sense of grief, no matter what stage we are in. I am confronted with my own grief and I confess that there are times when I am captivated by it and not by the mission that Jesus Christ has called me to. The solution of course is the same for anything that misses the mark of Jesus Christ. As we repent from our grief Jesus helps us move on. He actually heals our hearts and we become instruments of His kingdom (p. 148).

Where can we find more leaders (or "middle judicatory staff member" as Dr. Jeff Woods calls him in his forward, xiv) like Art Jaggard? God bless you, Art!

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