Friday, December 09, 2005

PSW Board Votes to Recommend Separation from ABCUSA

In order to get the information out as soon as possible, "His Barking Dog" is posting the report as it first came to light even though there is a known schedule conflict with the May date. We will update the facts as soon as they are available.

After several hours of discussion and respectiful debate, the regional board of Directors decided to call the churches of the PSW together on May 6 to consider their recommendation that the region of the ABCPSW withdraw from the covenant of relationships with the ABCUSA.

At a critical point in the discussion, Mr. Brian Scrivens, board chair, declared a recess in the deliberations to spend a season in prayer. From that point in the meeting, grace flowed in new directions and a spirit of unity of conviction prevailed.

I am deliberately leaving out any details of this meeting except the outcome and the prayer meeting because it was conducted in an executive session which the CRMs were asked to participate in.

To God be the glory . . . let us pray for our brothers and sisters throughout the ABC. This decision may have repercussions way beyond the PSW. May true spiritual renewal come in God's time and patience.

Source: PSW Resource Minister Mark Lambert, in a posting on the ABE message board.

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